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ip controller

FALCO IP Car Park Access Controller

has been used widely to control the barrier gate. Basically, single barrier controller to control entry barrier and exit barrier simultaneously. Optional 2 barriers In & 2 Barrier Out(within 50m) also available with additional expander board. Anti-passback is a feature that you can use to control the use of cards been misused to enter 2 or more cars to the pre-allowed car parking bay. Anti-passback only allowed 1 time entry and 1 time exit before next entry is allowed. Higher level of integration of Global Anti-passback allowed more car park controller to communicate and determine the anti-passback gantry point that you like at anywhere.



Key Benefits:


  • Cards owner vehicle plate number can be obtain quickly.
  • Give commands such as oppening and closing the gantry for special occasions suck as to facilitate the entry of a convoy of delivery vehicles quickly.
  • Log vehicle staff according to Card ID, dates, entry date/time and exit date/time, etc.
  • Integration with various IP CCTV brands will seamlessly enhance your security with capture of image at the time of entry or exit. As such, able to do comparison at time of exit where image capture should be same person who drive the vehicle at entry.
  • With the feature of temporary card expire feature , it will automatically within a specific time so they cannot be reused later. This is ideal for Residential Community, club house, etc







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